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Our team is made up of passionate individuals and volunteers who are committed to making a difference in the lives of the children in Sierra Leone and their communities.



It's Philanthropy started with a simple question in 2022 - why isn't education available to everyone?

As a child of Greek migrants and a father of three, I'm still aghast that there are children in impoverished countries that are denied access to education. Studies by UNESCO show that a lack of education has significant lifelong implications for the health and economic well-being of individuals, families and communities.

By teaching a child to read, you can give them hope for a lifetime. By feeding a child at school, they can concentrate on defining for themselves a better future.

We are not just about providing aid, but a strive for real self-sufficiency so that these children are empowered to thrive and not live a life dependent on charity. That's why we work with Health And Development Aid Abroad (HADA), a registered Australian charity, to ensure all gifts are tax deductible for Australian donors and will be sent to the designated projects in their entirety except for bank fees.

We know that a book is mightier than a hand-out. A school chair, a lunchtime meal, a supply teacher, or a musical instrument are agents of transformation.

For us, focus to maximise results is pivotal. That’s why we empower disadvantaged communities, in the poorest countries, through child education, one village at a time. Planting seeds of change everywhere we go.

Help us today to create education for change and give some of the world’s poorest kids a brighter future.

Thank you,


Founder, It's Philanthropy


To create exponential change through the power of education.


To be transparent in all our endeavours and celebrate our wins with our supporters.


To maximise our effect where needed most by being project-focused, one community at a time.



We're a group of volunteers driven by the same goal—to support those less fortunate than us in having access to education, food, and facilities that will give them an opportunity to thrive beyond their present situation.

Dimitri Tsitsikas

& Project Manager

With a background in business strategy and growth in technology, Dimi applies his expertise to lead this organisation's purpose, vision & strategic growth. He embodies the spirit of philanthropy and our commitment to caring for others who need it the most.

Louis Toumbas

Charity Advisor
& Project Manager

Louis has been involved in charitable work for over 20 years. As International Director of Paradise4Kids Inc. in the USA and Europe, Louis brings a wealth of knowledge in ensuring accountability and transparency to our team and project.

Ann Luong

Marketing Advisor

As a child of refugees, Ann understands how charitable support can change your life's trajectory. Her knowledge of brand, marketing and communications enables us to tell our story, share our ideas and inspire others to come on this journey with us to help the children of Sierra Leone.

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