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Our mission is to provide the children of Sierra Leone with better opportunities to grow and thrive - starting with education.


We work towards this goal by ensuring that 100% of the donation received goes towards each project with the exception of bank fees.



Waterloo is a growing town on the outskirts of Freetown in Sierra Leone. The existing Waterloo compound has two orphanages, a medical clinic, childcare and kindergarten, and a primary school. The primary school has grown to over 700 students, and many do not continue their education because there is no affordable secondary school available.

Before It's Philanthropy came to life as it is today, our first step into philanthropy began in close partnership with Paradise4Kids, Health And Development Aid Abroad (HADA) and MessageMedia.


The children of Waterloo were in need of a dining hall within their facility. The project brief was to create a multipurpose hall where children could be nourished and the community could come together to celebrate new hope.


With the help of MessageMedia we raised the funds. From there, Paradise4Kids and HADA provided the logistical and on-the-ground expertise needed having completed many of these projects before.


This project, from its inception, was a labour of love. To be so much more than a hall, but a beacon of hope. A place for a community to come together with joy and belief. But most importantly, to diminish fear and hunger, so many deserving children could redefine their future.


This project has created a fundamental change to so many. Over 1,000 children now feel safe, being well nourished to focus on their schooling. The community is recovering and finding its identity again through music concerts and dancing events.


And within this hall of hope, the community is united, to rediscover their future, to share their obstacles, support each other and plan a better tomorrow together.


From community gatherings to school assemblies, from an electoral centre to the heart of Waterloo, the community is envisioning a future brimming with possibilities. A future where their children can fearlessly shape their destinies and lead lives filled with dignity.

“The dining hall has been incredible for the children. We now serve them undercover a most needed daily hot meal so they can focus on class times. The regularly held music events, has brought back the missing heartbeat of the community, lifting the spirits of the children, their families and all of its supporters. A big thank you from my heart and all of us in Waterloo.”

Mary Adams 

Director of Education Waterloo, Kroo Bay and Tower Hill Schools


To continue the flow of quality and free-of-charge education to the poor community at Waterloo, our next project, and first official one as It's Philanthropy, is to build a new school building within the compound to relocate the primary school students, refurbish the existing structure and convert it into a high school.

This will provide 700 more children of Waterloo access to education from primary to secondary school with quality facilities to enable them to thrive.


To ensure 100% your donation received goes to the project excluding fees, we work with Health And Development Aid Abroad (HADA), an Australian Charity that is registered with the Australian Charities and Nonprofits Commission (ABN: 43 739 862 351).

If you donate via our website, you will make your gift via a secure HADA webpage to ensure that the funds are received and allocated to our project under the government registration for HADA. 

To eliminate bank fees as part of your donation, you can alternatively send a direct deposit. More details on our FAQs page.

Every donation received is tax deductible for Australian donors and will be sent to the designated projects except for bank fees.

Image by Annie Spratt


Let's build a new school together!

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